• CTOption
    CTOption is a leading binary options trading platform and investment brokerage firm, operating in over 90 countries around the world.
  • HighLow
    HighLow is a binary options broker founded in 2014 and it is owned by Highlow Markets Pty Ltd, which is a registered financial service provider.
  • ETX Binary
    ETX Binary
    ETX Capital’s newest platform, ETX Binary opens up the exciting world of binary trading to ETX clients, offering a wide range of Forex Pairs, Commodities, Financial Indices and Stocks
  • BinaryTilt
    BinaryTilt is a New Zealand regulated binary options broker. They were founded in 2013. BinaryTilt is owned by Sumo Forex Limited, a New Zealand registered Financial Service Provider.

Now a days advanced binary options trading are being extensively used by the intermediate and also  by the professional traders to trade successfully in the largest financial trading market. As you know that there are various ways to create active/passive income but most of the investment require big amounts to invest to get decent returns. The problem with this type of investing is that your capital is tied up and if you take the invested capital out then your return stops. We have tried investing in properties, investing in traditional stock market, investing in wending machines and much more and all of them fall into this category and involves a lot of risks as large amounts of money is invested here to get some returns. This form of investment is very risky and may involve sleepless nights in case something goes wrong. If this works for you then that is fine but what we are about to show you here is how you can create a good income to support your lifestyle and other investments if they require pumping cash (e.g. paying mortgage on property). All you need to do is to sit patiently and listen to what we are about to say and then try this yourself. After talking to hundreds of people from all sorts of background (financial, investment, educational, cultural), we discovered there is one thing lacking in all of them which we have translated in our terms as “Pathway to Financial Freedom“. Almost everyone we spoke to, whether it be on a personal level or a professional level, we found there was a common issue people had – how to create additional income, how to replace their job income and there was no clear cut rule on where to begin and it was all too confusing and too much research work for some which lead to indecision and possibly wrong investment decision. Lots of people we spoke to have lost some or most of their money in poor investments where they were told initially that they can’t go wrong but they still did. That’s why we have put this site together to help people make their life easier and to reach their financial goals. It is amazing how a change in mindset and this investment strategy can improve your financial results. We want you to treat this site as a guide to your financial freedom.

GOLDEN RULE OF INVESTMENT #1  is that you only invest money which you can afford to lose i.e. if the money is lost in investment (worst case scenario) you made, then you haven’t lost sleep over it. At least this rule applies in trading. Most people will invest large amount of money in traditional forms of investment and start panicking if property prices or stock market starts to come down or they have lost their jobs or tenant issues etc and there is no income to support such investments. That’s why only invest what you can afford to lose. Why take the unnecessary stress of over investing! Put more money to get more returns is simply greed and this can result in more money being lost and more stress. Some might say they can’t afford to lose anything. But you need to put some money at risk to get some returns. All investments carry some degree of risk – some are riskier than others. We calculate this money which we can invest in trading as 10-15% of entire bank balance and you may wish to use this strategy. As an example, if you have $100,000 in your bank account then 10-15% of this is $10K-15K. The rest should be in your bank as that’s the safest! Do not invest all of your bank account balance because if you do and if you do actually need the funds for some reason then you may not be able to get that invested capital back as the market may not be able to recover that invested capital due to economic downturn at that point in time. This is where most of the investors go wrong as they break this Golden Rule#1 of Investment. Investors say they lost their life savings in some investment. The sort of questions they need to ask themselves are why they invested so much money in the first place, who told them to invest that much, what due diligence they did to make that investment decision. The answer to all this is quite simple – the investment product only offered 10-15% returns per year on the investment so they needed to put thousands of dollars to get some decent returns and they got over excited or carried away by the investment deal. It is because you saw others investing and got their confidence and that’s why you invested too. If he/she is investing then it has to be good so let us invest too. They are some of the reasons for losing your hard-earned money. This is the wrong approach to take.

GOLDEN RULE OF INVESTMENT #2  is that you need to be educated in the investment you going into. This means that you must have the following knowledge on your investment product:

  1. Your risk profile i.e. are you able to recover financially if the investment goes wrong.
  2. ROI (return on investment) the product offers.
  3. It must be recession-proof strategy with the ability to generate cash flow.
  4. You must have knowledge on how the investment product works.

If any of the above FOUR POINTS are unknown or not clear  then you should not invest in that product. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are plenty of opportunities out there so you should not rush and panic. Rushing and panicking makes things even worse as decision are made under some sort of pressure.

Lot of investors will invest where they have not looked at the above four key points. Your EDUCATION on the investment product is the key to success. If you are trading then you need to get educated on how and when to place trades. Placing trades randomly will only help you lose your money. So the best way to be a successful trader is to get an education from experts to improve your win rate.

After doing extensive research, we have discovered there is an investment strategy which has been in existence since 2008, which is very simple and requires very little amount of capital (typically $500-$5000) and can create a good income in just a matter of few minutes (5 min, 10 min, 15 min etc) if executed properly. This strategy is called “Binary Options Trading” and this is very different from traditional forms of trading or stock market where you need large capital to get decent returns. In Binary Options Trading, you are not buying assets e.g. Apple shares where you need to pay lots of money. We will explain this to you below how Binary Options Trading works.

A Simple Explanation – Binary Options Trading

Trading binary options simply involves making a prediction on the likely direction of movement of an underlying asset. This could be a currency pair, index, commodity or stock. The trader also has to choose a designated expiration time. When trading Binary Options, the trader does not have to purchase the asset itself. All that is required is for you to make a prediction regarding the direction the asset will take over a certain period of time. With binary options review, there can only be two potential outcomes. The only thing that matters is whether the prediction you have made is right or wrong for the time frame you have chosen. This form of trading satisfies both of the Golden Rules of investment.

TRADING CLASSIC BINARY OPTIONS IS SIMPLE – Trading Binary Options is as simple as it gets. Here is what is required:

STEP 1: Choose a reliable regulated Binary Options Brokers Platform. We have done extensive research and have listed most trustworthiest binary option brokers which are licensed under strict regulations. Open an account with one of them. We have partnered with them to bring out one of the BEST cash flow strategies for you and all you have to do is to follow the instructions.

STEP 2: There are FOUR steps when trading Binary Options on Binary Options Brokers Platform which are mentioned below:

  1. Choose your preferred asset (Forex, stocks, Commodities, Indices) that you wish to trade.
  2. Select the preferred option expiry time which is as quick as few minutes (eg 5 min, 15 min, 1 hr etc)
  3. Select CALL if you expect an increase in the price of the asset, or PUT if you believe the opposite.
  4. Enter your desired investment amount e.g. $10. Invest and wait for the trade to finish (i.e. wait for your selected expiry time to actually expire). If you win the trade, you get your money back with profit (70% – 90% profit) i.e. $17 – $19 in just few minutes. If you lose the trade, you get nothing.

Binary Options typically give returns from 70% – 90% per trade depending on the trade you take. Your risk and your profits are known before you enter the trade. There are no complex calculations like traditional trading to calculate your profits. Now you can see if you are able to maintain this win rate then you can create a good income with proper risk management, money management and exposure management. There is no 100% win rate but if you are able to maintain 60% win rate (6 out of 10 trades you win) then your overall portfolio is in profit. We have partnered with the following binary options companies to help you achieve this success rate. Please note that no amateur trader should be trading without any education as to trade without education (without doing technical and fundamental analyses of the market) is like trading blindly which is guaranteed to lose money. EDUCATION is the KEY to SUCCESS. And it will remain with you. All you need to do is to apply it.

Just to show you the power of Binary Options Trading:

  • Let’s say you place 10 trades per week (2 per day) for $1000 each with 80% return per trade for 1 year.
  • With 60% win rate, this gives yearly income = [(1000*80%*6)-(1000+1000+1000+1000)]*52=$41,600
  • With 70% win rate, this gives yearly income = [(1000*80%*7)-(1000+1000+1000)]*52=$135,200
  • With 80% win rate, this gives yearly income = [(1000*80%*8)-(1000+1000)]*52=$228,800

With 20 trades per week, your income is doubled! This can only be achieved by joining these brokerage companies we have listed below.


Broker Bonus Min Deposit Payout US Traders Review Open Account
BinaryTilt Up to 100% $250 Up to 82% Review Visit Broker
CTOption up to 100% $250 91% USA Allowed Review Visit Broker
ETX Capital $250 to $100 Up to 81% Review Visit Broker
HighLow Up to $50 $50 Up to 90% Review Visit Broker

New Zealand Regulated Returns upto 82%

BinaryTilt BinaryTilt provides trading solutions for active Binary Option traders, as well as traders that are new to the Binary Options market. They are a regulated Binary Options brokerage offering our clients a new cutting-edge trading platform, which is professional, yet uncomplicated and easy to use. BinaryTilt are good in providing education & training on binary options and you get a personal broker to work with you when you open an account with them with balance of $1000. With $5000 account balance, you get a personal Account Manager who is training you on a 1-on-1 basis and giving you recommendations what trades to take by both of you performing analysis on the market and you placing trades with 2-5% of your account balance. There are various account levels they have and they will explain to you once you open an account with them for minimum amount of $250. They offer returns up to 82% on your investment. BinaryTilt are excellent for both amateur and experienced traders. There is also online education and training on their platform which you can do anytime you like once you open an account with them.

UK Regulated: Returns upto 81%

ETX Binary  ETX Binary opens up the exciting world of binary trading to ETX clients; regulated by UK authorities offering its clients a whole range of financial markets and instruments. ETX Binary presents their customers with a set of interesting bonus offers. However, the amount of bonus will be conditional upon the amount deposited. They conduct webinars where you can learn how to trade binary options and offer demo account for a limited time where you can practice. ETX Binary offers returns upto 81% on your investment. ETX Binary are excellent for both experienced and also amateur traders who like to learn independently with the help of webinars and education and training materials they provide online.

Australia Regulated Returns up to 90%


HIGHLOW is an attractive and regulated binary options trading platform from down under. HIGHLOW option is conventional binary option that shows the mid price (also known as the at-the-money price). It offers returns upto 90% on your investment. You can open account with them for minimum of $50. They also offer a demo account which is a demo mode for the whole website. There is no time limit on demo account and every demo user gets $10,000 to practice. There is no education and training provided here and no broker. HIGHLOW are excellent for experienced traders, and also for amateur traders who just want to get a feel for binary option trading by using their demo account.

Please note that no one should be accepting bonus offers from BinaryTilt and ETX Binary until you have read Binary Options Tips page of this site as bonus comes with Terms & Conditions where you have to turn your deposited funds + their bonus 30-40 times in trading for you to be able to take your funds out from them. Make sure if you do accept the bonus offer, you discuss in writing with the brokerage firms what you can and can’t do. I strongly advise not to as this restricts your ability to withdraw your funds until the Terms & Conditions are met.


If you are new or need help in figuring out which broker account to open then I would start with BinaryTilt so that you Account Manager training you on a 1-on-1 basis where you will learn how to trade using technical indicators and also financial news.

HighLow is mainly for traders who have some knowledge on how to trade by studying charts or new traders who want to use their demo account to practice. There is no broker or account manager and you trade independently.

ETX Binary is more suited for traders who like attending webinars and then teach themselves from these webinars on how to trade binary options by studying charts.

These brokerage platforms are also available on your mobile device as an application (which you can download on your mobile) and you can simply trade on your mobile!


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